What is the Best Over the Counter Acne Treatment For Your Skin?

Oral prescriptions and creams come with serious side effects that can affect the quality of your daily life, which makes over the counter products a lot more appealing to most people. The question is how to find the best over the counter acne treatment for your skin.

Let’s say right from the start that there is no single over the counter treatment for acne that will work wonders for every single person’s skin. There are different types of acne conditions which are caused by different factors. In order to really clear up acne and prevent future outbreaks you have to find the cause of your acne condition first. This allows you to determine the best over the counter acne treatment that tackles the root cause of your individual acne condition.

A Note on Hygiene

For some people, basic hygiene practices on a consistent basis can effectively control acne outbreaks. If you are not washing your face at least 2-3 times a day and using facial washes and other products on a daily basis, then chances are the best over the counter acne treatment for you could include simply taking better care of your skin!

This seems overly simplistic and for many people it is too simple. Yet, there are some people who see remarkable improvements in their acne just by making simple changes to their daily grooming routines.

Diet Based Treatments

There is a lot of debate over whether what you eat contributes to what comes out of your pores in the form of acne, but many people have reported clearing up their skin by making changes to their diet, consuming more water on a daily basis, and following diet based acne treatment programs. This may not be the best over the counter acne treatment for those with more severe acne cases, but eating healthier foods and avoiding excessive oil in your diet can make acne of all types easier to manage.

Facial Washes

The market for daily facial washes designed to control and prevent acne outbreaks has been growing for many years. Some are marketed as sole products, but most are presented as part of a line of skin care products which can be used together to effectively cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and nourish the skin so it remains clear of acne.

For most people, these washes are going to be the best over the counter acne treatment available. When used on a consistent basis they can kill off bacteria, rid the skin of dead skin cells, and clear away excess oil from the pores. Since these are three of the biggest causes of acne, it is understandable why consistent use of these washes can clear up acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Topical Ointments

If you are dealing with a more severe acne outbreak or have consistent acne that never goes away completely, try topical ointments and creams which are medicated to kill off acne-causing bacteria. Proactive may come to mind since it is so heavily advertised by today’s celebrities, but it may not be the best over the counter acne treatment for you. There are many others on the market which have proven highly beneficial for many people.