How to get rid of acne and face scars.

Acne is caused when hair and dead skin cells are stuck with the  oil on the skin. Usually,  we know them as blackheads,whiteheads or pimples etc.There are many names for acne  in other languages. While scars are produced on the place after the healing of acne.


The basic reason of an acne scar is the medication we use in order to remove the acne which leaves a mark on the skin afterwards when acne is healed.                                     Scars are produced due to abundant production of a protein in our body named as collagen.Collagen is also present in our bones,tendons and most of all in skin as its function is to hold or join the whole human structure.When production of collagen increases in our body then tissues of our body which are obviously made up of cells starts to raise up specially on that place where acne was healed and as a result on that part of skin where once acne healed now scar takes place due to too much quantity of collagen.Our skin has many layers and one of which is dermal layer.Acne scars are caused due to inflammation inside that dermal layer of skin.Most  people having oily skin are major victims of acne and, after  treatment, then face scars.


There are many types of acne scars.It depends upon how badly your skin is affected.There are 3 major types of scars which are very common in majority of people.

1-Some scars are deep but they have minor pits,means skin tissues go little bit down like a pit.These type of scars are known as ICE PICK SCARS.

2-Some type of scars are very deep inside skin but  their corners or let’s say edges are quite sharp and can be seen very clearly.                                                       These type of scars are usually known as BOXCAR SCARS.

3-While some scars are very deep and their look is like different layers on one another  and that is why we call this type of look as wavy look and this one is very difficult to treat as tissues of skin are damaged too deeply inside skin.These type of scars are named as ROLLING SCARS.


Treatment of scars are always done by dermatologists and the most common ways used by them to remove scars are of three types.


The first and most common way to remove scars is laser treatment in which laser removes the scars at some limit but not whole scars.


In this method a special type of wheel like thing whose surface is very rough used which moves fastly over scars and thus removes damaged skin.


This technique is very new and technological in which a special type of acid peels off or remove the upper scar layer of your skin and as a result new skin layer comes out from inside.New skin begins to form about 7 to 10 days and new skin remains rosy pink in colour for several months because of its new look.


Doctors roll a special device of needles on skin so that when scars covered with needles then new skin starts to grow on that place.


Doctors put collagen protein filler with help of needle in scar area which scars slowly absorbs and skin starts to come in its original position but this process must be done time to time.


Surgery of scars is a very rare thing to do as it is too much expensive and not everyone can afford it.This process is done upon people having very bad and deep scars and they can’t be treated by any other means.In this process doctors cut the whole area of scar and then stitch that area to repair or use skin of anyother body part to fill that scar.This method in common tongue known as skin graft.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     There are someother methods also used by doctors which are usually called as acid treatments because different acids are used in these methods to treat scars.


This acid is usually found in products which treat acne but at the sametime it also benefits to look scars less noticeable as it removes a very thin layer of skin and prevents rough skin too.


In this one doctors found that if layers of lactic acid peels done once in a week can make scars and acne less visible and helps to glow the skin more and more.