Frequently Asked Questions About Sulfur Acne Treatment

There are a lot of people who have probably heard about sulfur acne treatment, but they are not quite sure what it really is and how it works to cure acne. Sulfur is not just an ordinary mineral found in hot springs and volcanic craters. Its purposes go beyond creating gun powders and vulcanizing rubbers.

So, what really is sulfur acne treatment? To find out, below are the answers to five frequently asked questions about this medication.

What is Sulfur?

Sulfur, also known as sulfacetamide in the world of chemistry, is the tenth most abundant element in the entire universe. Formerly called as brimstone, it has been identified since the historical years.

Today, it is known as a pale yellow material that is widely used in fertilizers, insecticides and in many industrial processes. However, it is also added in many skin care products to improve the condition of the skin and help treat facial and body acne.

How long has been sulfur used on the skin?

The remarkable effects of sulfur on the skin have been widely known since several thousand years ago. People in the biblical years used to bathe in hot springs to give their skin a youthful glow. They also used sulfur to treat various skin diseases such as dandruff and eczema.

How does sulfur works to treat acne?

Sulfur has the ability to dry up excess oil on the skin, which is the main cause of acne. When excess oil is removed on the skin, the pores are unclogged and build up of dirt, sweat and dead skin cells is avoided. Sulfur also has keratolytic properties that help remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin.

Sulfur acne treatment comes in various forms. Today, sulfur is combined with other chemicals in the form of cream, ointment, facial mask and soap to help steer clear of skin diseases.

Does sulfur acne treatment have side effects?

Sulfur acne treatment has its side effects just like many other medications. This includes dryness of the skin, peeling, itching and irritation. These side effects usually occur and are worse a few days from the beginning of treatment. But, it normally disappears after a few days as well.

What are the precautions when using sulfur treatment?

In order to avoid adverse reactions to occur, safety precautions should be followed when using sulfur acne treatment. There are sulfur products that are very potent and require less dosage when used. Hence, it is very important to read and follow directions on each package carefully.

There are also some people that may be allergic to sulfur. People with health problems such as kidney diseases are urged not to use sulfur products. It is safer to seek medical help before resorting to this acne treatment regimen.