Body Acne Treatments For Mild Body Acne

Do you want to know more about Body Acne Treatments? There are three main types of Body Acne Treatments that can help you reduce the appearance of your Body acne. There are treatments for all three types, minor, moderate and severe body acne. Today we will explore the causes and treatments for Mild Body Acne.

Mild Body Acne Causes

Mild acne on the body is usually seasonal and most people do experience some minor body acne during the winter months when they are prone to wear more layers of clothing. Mild body acne is less likely to occur in the summer months because we naturally wear less clothing and engage in water activities like swimming. Swimming either in a pool or in the ocean can actually reduce, and in some cases eliminate acne not only because of the chlorine and salt occurring in the water but also because exposure to the sun giving us Vitamin D, which is known as an effective treatment for mild cases of acne.

The most affected areas of the body are typically on the back and chest area. Another reason why you are more likely to get acne in the winter months is because people tend to bathe less during the winter and these areas tend to sweat lightly as we move from colder temperatures outdoors in to heated environments. You are less likely to notice slight body sweating or perspiration in winter because we are constantly moving in between extremes in temperature. When we bath less the accumulation of dead skin cells and surface dirt that are not washed away can also block the skins pores causing acne to develop. It is important to note that no one should bath more than once a day as the skins natural pH can take up to 12 hours to re-establish after bathing.

Mild Body Acne Treatments

Treatments can be very easy and effective, wearing more natural fibres, like organic cotton garments close to the skin to allow it to breathe. Bathing more regularly, once a day at most. In the winter we don’t generally bathe as often. Being aware of the body perspiring and removing layers of clothing when this occurs. Using a soft back scrubber or loofah can also help remove the build up of skin cells and surface dirt. However, keep in mind that the idea is just to remove the surface dirt and not to scrub excessively as scrubbing can lead to further skin irritation and damage to the skins surface.

If your body acne doesn’t improve with in a few days try implementing a mild medicated or anti bacterial soap or body wash when you bath or shower. Ask at your drug store or pharmacy about anti bacterial products that are safe to use daily before deciding on purchase. After bathing always make sure you pat dry all areas of your body really well with a clean, dry towel as damp areas will be more likely to bread acne bacteria.

So to recap, the causes of Mild Body Acne are usually seasonal. It mostly occurs in the winter months due to more layers of clothing, bathing less frequently and light body sweating that can go unnoticed when moving through cold to warm temperatures. It typically appears on the back and chest areas of the body.

Treatments can be easy and effective. Get some sun – The sun provides Vitamin D which is a known treatment to help reduce mild acne. Wear Natural fibres – Wearing natural fibres like organic cotton close to the skin let the skin breathe. Keep Clean – Bathe once a day to wash away dead skin cells and surface dirt. If no change is noticed – Use a mild medicated or anti bacterial soap or body wash. Pat dry your skin thoroughly after bathing to reduce the risk of acne bacteria spreading.