Best Acne Body Wash

People should look for body washes that contain active ingredients like salicylic acid,Benzoyl peroxide.Best component for body is Benzoyl peroxide.Make sure you wash it off well.Body and face acne products should not be interchanged.The ingredient concentrations are different.Companies use higher concentrations in body wash. Benzoyl peroxide is about two to five percent in face ten percent in body wash. People who use acne medication should not use an acne wash.The combination often dries the skin out.

Let’s see some best acne face wash products.

1-Bioderma Micellar Cleanser:

This product is gentle enough to be used on body and those taking acne medication can also use this product.It contains a patented’’Fludiactiv’’complex helping to prevent pores from becoming clogged.

2-Cetaphil Skin Cleanser:

This product is mild soap free formula that cleanses skin without irritation.It is natural fragrance free formula, non-comedogenic.It won’t strip skin of its protective oils.

3-Neutrogena Body Wash:

It helps treating acne without breaking dry cells and irritating skin.Its active ingredient is salicylic acid.It is non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores.

4-Humane Acne Body Treatment Wash:

This product contains 10% benzoyl peroxide.It kills bacteria preventing skin breakouts.It is non-foaming lotion that absorbs quickly and is free of parabens.It is free fragrance,SLS and animal products and offers money back guarantee.

5-PanOxyl 10% Acne Foaming Wash:

This product has high percentage of benzoyl peroxide.It cleanses deeply to prevent growth of acne causing bacteria.With clearing blemishes,it also prevent new once from appearing.It has strong formula and you should avoid it during acne medications.

6-Mario Badesco Body Soap:

It helps exfoliate skin and smooth irritated areas with natural ingredients like papaya,grapefruit,ginseng extracts. It is specially potent on back acne and results can be seen within few days.


This product active ingredient is salicylic acid to clear clogged follicles and some natural ingredients licorice,bergamot,eucalyptus and tee tree extracts which helps in soothing skin.

8-Black Soap:

Black soap is oldest beauty secret.It sops up oil,clears acne,tightens skin,helps fade scarring and exfoliate.It can be a bit stripping for some,which is why it has aloe and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate.


It is exfoliating cleanser containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.Remove sweat before it gets trapped into your pores.

10-Tea Tree Body Wash:

Tea tree oil line for breakout-prone,combination skin types.After a quick scrub,you’ll feel like newborn,but never dry and tight.

11-Murad Acne Body Wash:

This cleanser packs glycolic and salicylic acids to keep pores clean of clogging debris.  It works best on blackhead-type acne on back.

12-VI Derm:

This product is for all types of skin.It contains glycolic acid to exfoliate,vitamin C and E to moisturize and brighten discoloration.

13-Sol de Janerio:

This product acts as an exfoliating scrub and detox mask in the sametime.Massage on wet body for exfoliation.It contains fragrance of pistachio and salted caramel will mentally transport you to rainforest of Brazil.


This product is fragrance free and salicylic acid –based cleanser exfoliates skin restores the protective skin barrier with help of three essential ceramides.