Men of all ages experience acne breakouts.Acne is more likely to affect teenagers.Pores get blocked,and access oil attracts bacteria.Few reasons of acne are excess oil,a buildup of dead skin cells in the pore,proliferation of acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.In many cases it is related to males specific hormones that have many different triggers.In treatment you should change your lifestyle like preventions in diet etc.A good skin care routine will definitely help get your acne treatments on track.Most men just need a good cleansing morning and night,and a moisturizer if acne treatments are drying out your skin.Acne makes shaving difficult and painful.Don’t shave the tops of pimples off.If your blade razor is irritating your skin,try an electric to see if that helps.If you have serious inflammatory acne or if shaving itself seems to really irritate your acne,then use beard trimmer.This will clip the hair short and it will help save your skin from irritation.Acne is actually ingrown hairs,folliculitis or an inflammation of hair follicle.Males with curly hair in the beard area are more prone to folliculitis the hair tends to curl under the skin.Large pores also called follicular prominence are common in those with oily skin.Stubborn acne can be treated by prescription medications.Isotretinion and Acutane are good for acne treatment.These medications can clear up severe cases of acne.Body acne can be treated by Benzoyl peroxide.Acne treatments can take time to work.In three to four months you really notice a difference in your skin.In beginning of treatment,expect some new pimples,or even a flare up.This doesn’t mean your treatment isn’t working.Acne can be treated by products including benzoyl peroxide,salicylic acid and hydrocortisone cream.Benzoyl peroxide kills acne-causing bacteria,salicylic acid helps remove dead cells from the surface of skin along with excess of oil and and hydrocortisone cream reduces inflammation.There are thousands of products in market which are best for acne treatment in which few are:

1-Misuma AHA 10% Cleanser:

Men are generally more physically active throughout the day.Dirt,sweating can clog pores and aggrevative your acne condition.The AHA 10% is powerful exfoliator and pore-opener.Use it daily after workout sessions to pevent breakout


Acne is also caused by lack of omega-3 is beneficial to the skin. Sadly, very few of us get enough of it. Those who consume products high in Omega-3 on a regular basis will find that their skin is less likely to suffer from a breakout. Those who are already suffering from acne will also find that the Omega-3 helps to drastically reduce the inflammation. getting Omega-3 into the diet is not actually all that difficult. If you consume oily fish or certain nuts, you should have absolutely no issues. If you do not wish to eat any of those, then you can also go down the route of Omega-3 supplements.

3-Benzoyl peroxide

Bacteria in the hair follicles is the main cause of acne. Benzoyl peroxide is specially manufactured to kill those acne causing bacreria.Prescription is not needed to use this product and you should continue using it until your acne has completed removed.

4-Salicylic acid:

This product helps to unclog pores.It will clear out all the dirt and grime in the pores.But salicylic acid does’t provide permanent relief.You will need to continue use salicylic acid based products until the problem has completely disappeared.


If you are facing severe acne,your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics.They will provide you helping hand to clear out infections.

6-Regular Skin Cleaning Regime:

One of acne cause is by the pores on skin becoming clogged with dirt,grease and grime.Use  a proven anti acne soap or cleanser that fights. Use them atleast twice times a day to prevent skin inflammation and pore clogging.